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(Feature Request) Feature to invite members to join alliance

by Faizan Khan (Faizan Nerds 1769) 15 days ago
I thought that along with teams joining our alliances, cant there be an option to invite teams to an alliance, too? Saw something like that in Clash of Clans. Teams can either keep the option of getting alliance requests, when they r not in an alliance, on or off (on by default). Under the sent and recieved challenge and friendly match requests, we can have sent and recieved requests inviting someone to join the inviter's alliance or vice versa. The option of inviting someone to an alliance can be on their team page (if they are not in an alliance and/or they have kept the option on). The person who wants alliances to invite the manager into alliance can type a description of what type alliance he will accept requests of, and the message can be shown to the inviter when they are about to invite that manager.

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Updated at: 22-04-2021

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