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Regarding League

by Jaidayal Saraswat (Rajasthani Ninjas) 15 days ago
Its Been More Then 72 Hours Since my last Div VIII League Ended & here i am still waiting for new league to start,

How much time hitwicket takes to promote to new league ??

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Jaidayal Saraswat - even division 8 facing this issue?
15 days ago
Div VI
Sir Mike Kucharek (Mike XI) Dublin # 2
I think it takes about a "Developer's" week. How long is a piece of string? Good Luck and hold tight, maybe one day things will run smoothly. We all live in hope, Regards, MikeĀ 
15 days ago
i heard from someone that devs told him that division 9 teams will get promoted on 1st may so maybe division 8 teams also will
15 days ago
btw, till what division is this bug?
15 days ago

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