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League matches still not started

by Richard Christian (Msdian Forever 7) 1 month ago
Devs this is to inform you that my league matches have not yet started and moreover i have mailed you twice regarding my mistake that by mistake i created two ids one from web version and other through app Please look into my issue and solve it. Is anyone else facing the problem of league matches mot yet started???

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League matches seem to be played the next day or so with no advance information or access to line up. Writing to Developers seems to be of no use. Chin up and Good Luck! Regards, Mike
1 month ago
1 month ago
God only knows
1 month ago
Richard Christian - Even I had no league running for the first 2 months I was in the game! Then this bug went but this bug made a stunning comeback in the last few months for the newer users. The devs don't care to resolve this bug
1 month ago
Still no response from Devs. Few years back when i played this game this was not the scenario.
1 month ago
Richard Christian - This bug is not all. There are a huge number of other bugs, such as live commentary and live gameplay not working (only scorecard and live score works) then sometimes league matches of even higher leagues get stuck and then get played suddenly on a random time of the day, and even though no one else faces this one, I am unable to open my alliance page through app. There are a huge number of other bugs I am not aware of. Bug reports is just a way of showing ur disappointment and nothing else because the devs NEVER respond. Even mailing them is a waste of time. The only place where they actually respond to is the Hitwicket whatsapp group and even there they respond only occasionally
1 month ago
link to join that group can i get please???
1 month ago
Richard Christian - I don't know as I am not in that group but I hear that occasionally they do respond there. They already know the problem but still don't solve it
1 month ago
Da Vinci (The Wolfpack) Kanpur # 9
Even my league matches have not started yet
1 month ago
Da Vinci - yes, div 7 matches also not running
1 month ago
Such shit management this is from Devs Really disappointing
29 days ago
Div VI
SaadGamer (saad pakistan sixer) rawalpindi # 12
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29 days ago
still no response nd league matches not sorted yet. This is annoying now
26 days ago

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