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My league is not starting

by Desh Deepak Anand (GILBRETHS) 1 month ago
I have waiting for almost 3 months but my league is not started yet. A month back the season break ended but after 2-3 days again a timer of almost 65 days started. Why all such mess are happening, is this game is only for who pays as musketeers??

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Updated at: 14-12-2020

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1 month ago
Desh Deepak Anand - it's not upto musky, even for me, it's not started, seems app devs is inactive
1 month ago
Desh Deepak Anand - ur bug is of rare nature, div 9,8 and 7 isn't working Ur in div 6 and yet ur league is broken. Unfortunately I don't think the lazy devs will solve ur problem
1 month ago
Division 9 to division 8 not promote
23 days ago
Deshing - same priblem waiting fr 2-3 months no promotion frm div 9- div 8

23 days ago
those who have prblm/stucked in div 7,8,9 provide ur team link
16 days ago
rosy345464 -
my team link
16 days ago
15 days ago

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