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U20 experience.

by Idiotic Stupid (Stupidic Idiots) 4 months ago
I saw some players under the age of 20 having an experience of what in the hell is that ? I think Reliable is the cap for a 19 year old if am not wrong. how come there are players with over wonderous experience ? that gives a huge boost to those who have such experience in the U20 league...are you going to do something about it ? or just let it slide ?

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Idiotic Stupid - Actually experience can increase above the experience cap for an age; experience gain just drastically slows down once the cap for an age is reached. Now you might be wondering that if the experience gain slows down after crossing the cap, how those players have so much experience? It's because the managers of those players buy credits from the store in bulk and play many blitz and challenge matches, so many that the experience reaches till very high levels. This game has become pay to win.
4 months ago
Sumit_Sharma - but still reaching such a high exp level is too much...
4 months ago
Idiotic Stupid - I returned to the game after two years and I see that you have too. The game's standard has gone down a lot. It used to be so good.
4 months ago

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