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Sorry To Hitwicket. But it's Fact.

by Mr_Dips (The Devil's Killer) 19 days ago
I have written and posted on the forum before,
This website will be shut down very soon if the hitwicket continues in the way it is now
same problem today,
Today was the league match game of the my team but the match game did not happen,
Due to the fact that there was no league match today, the effect on my team was exhausted.
Tomorrow training session of my team not happen beacuse of today my league match is not happen.
This matter is being done many times,
If it continues like this, this game site will be shut down very soon and no one will want to join.
Older members will also stop playing.
I have been playing this game for the last 6 years,
But now this game has become much worse.
sorry to hitwicket. but it's fact.

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