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Sale! All players at 50% RSP

by Sir Vijay Krishnan (VETRI VENDHARGAL ) 23 months ago
1. 15* Spinner with Level 1 Elite academy Trait - Rs. 15,698,800 (50% RSP)
2. 11*  Batsman with Level 1 Elite academy Trait -  Rs 5,137,600 (50% RSP)
3. 12* Batsman with Level 1 Elite academy Trait -  Rs 9,796,800 (50% RSP)
4. 11* Batsman with Level 1 Elite academy Trait - Rs. 5,018,000 (50% RSP)

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Updated at: 27-08-2020

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Mr_Dips (The Devil's Killer) Kolkata # 1
I have been playing this game for the last 6 years,
At that time this game was much better by its standard,
But now this game has become much worse--
Not all matches will be played,
Not all match training is available,
It is not clear when the match will be played,
Players do not play after having good form and good skills,
Players with good skills are not playing in front of low skill players

It's not working,
If it continues like this, this game site will be shut down very soon and no one will want to join.
Older members will also stop playing
23 months ago

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