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Fixture Chaos

by Sir Mike Kucharek (Mike XI) 7 months ago
Yet again, scheduled league matches do not take place and results for games that are played are not updated. In fact we appeared to have played an outstanding game from last season without prior notice. I have supported this game by both buying Hit Coins and upgrading to Musketeer.   I don't       
  think our support and interest is fully appreciated and it's high time the Developers sorted out this  
 constant problem.         

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Same here brother... I was a constant buyer of the musketeer for past 2 yrs and this is how they repay our support.. The fixture for my today's game is lost... My next fixture is scheduled on Monday... I lost this week's training.. Lost the last three matches' victory kit... If today's match doesn't happen for me I am going to be the runner of my league... Shit experience by not even giving a statement of the bug issue... Totally frustrated....
7 months ago
Vasanthraj - Right On Bro' Thanks for your support, I must admit that I'm getting a bit pissed off with the carry on over last 2 - 3 seasons. Regards, Mike
7 months ago

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