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Many issues!

by Murray (One Short) 14 months ago
Games wont clear, auctions not working, cant watch games live, alliance games not working? No more money till these get fixed.8

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Yes, even my friendly match did not take place at all!
14 months ago
Murray (One Short) Melbourne # 2
This is crazy, might go and find a different cricket game.
14 months ago
and Admin is happy that he won an award for this game
14 months ago
Div IV
RaghulBKrishnan (JigsawRagzz) Chennai # 4
 and training is not working either right? Unable to manage training this week

14 months ago
Murray (One Short) Melbourne # 5
Yep, training is out, so is watching live and alliance is off line as well. Hopefully they get to it soon.
14 months ago
Div IV
Sir Mike Kucharek (Mike XI) Dublin # 6
Shravan Rockss - What was the award for ? incompetence I suggest !
14 months ago
Same here brother... I was a constant buyer of the musketeer for past 2 yrs and this is how they repay our support.. The fixture for my today's game is lost... My next fixture is scheduled on Monday... I lost this week's training.. Lost the last three matches' victory kit... If today's match doesn't happen for me I am going to be the runner of my league... Shit experience by not even giving a statement of the bug issue... Totally frustrated....
14 months ago
My league final match didn't happen, but I am promoted to next division however I am not in the fixtures and I didn't receive the prize money or any achievement or anything about my League final win (It wad against a weak BOT team). I missed about 2 Victory Kit recently, and I cannot watch the matches live anymore. I tried their superstar game but it was so boring and shit in comparison to the Hitwicket that I nearly died of boredom. 
They abandoning the Game which made them a Game company. I know fixing bugs can be painfull but they are not even saying anything about it. 

14 months ago
Div IV
Sir Mike Kucharek (Mike XI) Dublin # 9
I had the same issues, they were resolved yesterday and the day before
14 months ago

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