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No league matches 18 days

by RD 14 (RS Wackers) 7 months ago
No league matches from 18 days , why I’m struck without matches??

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RD 14 - This problem is being faced by all Div 9 and 8 managers
7 months ago
Sumit_Sharma - Ah why do you know the reason? When will the matches start?
7 months ago
RD 14 - Its a bug that has entered the game since March. Automatic promotions not working. You can try to report tge problem to the forums of senior manager Rohit Thakur, he might help you, but I am not sure
7 months ago
RD 14 Sumit_Sharma - Please help me bro my team promote to division 8
7 months ago
Sachinkumar rajput - I cant help I am a simple manager like you, you have to report in the forums of the senior managers Sir Neilhowlett or Rohit Thakur to raise your complaint, though Rohit Thakur is a better option as Neilhowlett is already reporting a lot other bugs
7 months ago

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