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The 4 team tournament

by Super Cricket Club (The Legends Xi 6022) 15 days ago
Regestrations close after 4 teams join

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Q.Why do you go to bed at night? A.Because the bed won’t come to you!
15 days ago
Make that after 3 more teams join
15 days ago
14 days ago
14 days ago
Bashir Ahammod (Meherpur King) Meherpur # 5
Super Cricket Club - ADD ME PLEASE 
13 days ago
Div V
Shawn McBath (RADIANT XI) Bhopal # 6
Add me
13 days ago
Bashir Ahammod - I am sorry,but as someone else posted before you for the final spot,I will not be able to add you in this tournament.However,I will create another 4 team tournament which you can join.
13 days ago
Super Cricket Club - So when will the 4 team tournament start?
13 days ago
The IPL Star - Well I have closed regestrations,but I don’t know how to set matches.So untill I do,just keep the wait.
12 days ago
Super Cricket Club - 1) Read the "Unofficial Tournament" section of game manual to learn to add matches. I am really waiting for the tournament to start!
8 days ago
Div V
Shawn McBath (RADIANT XI) Bhopal # 11
It is like organizer will decide fixture, and post in msg box, teams have to play with each other with own coins. Then add the match to Tournament. Its fucking strategy.
8 days ago
Shawn McBath - What? It costs coins to play? If yes, then remove me please!
8 days ago

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