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Tournament of legends

by Super Cricket Club (The Legends Xi 6022) 21 days ago
Have fun!:);)

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21 days ago
20 days ago
Naveen Kumar (Naveen Kumar 11) Hyderabad # 3
Super Cricket Club - hi iam naveen iam very intersted in this tournment pls tag me in ur league and allow me to play the match
17 days ago
Naveen Kumar - Hi naveen,I see you are intrested in joining.I will put you in the next chance I get!Thank you!
17 days ago
Naveen Kumar - Oh,Naveen,I have a second tournament with a team and my team in the tournament,but I can’t seem to access the button to add you to my tournament.However,if you want,you can post in my second tournament called the legends tournament.
17 days ago
Hi naveen,I found out how to add you to my tournament!Now I see you have hitcoins you can transfer to the sponsors.So if you can sponsor this tournament,that would be great!
16 days ago
14 days ago
Super Cricket Club - madarrchod Dev add me as my promotion is not happening
14 days ago
14 days ago
thunder and rain - Also,my promotion/demotion is not happening even though my league ended about 2 months ago!
14 days ago

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