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For solving division 9 and 8 promotions. Just send your team links here

by RoHit ThAkur (Summershire) 2 months ago
The division 9 and 8 teams who ever are struck please send in their team url link, so a list can be made and forwarded to the developers.

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Updated at: 07-07-2020

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i won division 9 40 days ago but hasn't been promoted yet... not even able to play challenge matchea
6 days ago
I don't see any push from the Developers to work on these bugs. They are busy with Hitwicket Superstars game
6 days ago
Div IV
Sir Murray (One Short) Melbourne # 164
Plenty of issues ! We pay our dollars, yet you cant fix the game so we can play? Not really fair is it.
4 days ago
Any updates when we will get a league for playing?
16 hours ago
Spitfire - Seems like Rohit Thakur does not look into the forum anymore! It just looks like that!
6 hours ago
My league ended about a week back. Havent been promoted nor any new league games have been drawn
an hour ago
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