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indian hitwicket leuage season 5

by Sir Carl_Johnson (Wrong Side of the Tracks) 13 days ago
with successful conduction of season 4 we are back with another amazing season with new format.take part in this amazing tournament and show your leadership and managerial skill. tournament will start from 30 june. here are the rules and format of the tournament. 

 (1) there will be total 6 franchise(kkr,mi,dc,kxip,rcb,srh). each franchise will have 4 or 5 teams.hence there will be total 24 or 30 participants. 

 (2) each franchise will have a leader manager,a co-ordinator( appointed by leader) and 2 or 3 assistant manager. 

 (3) there will be auction among leader manager to get co-ordinators & assistant manager and complete there franchise. 

(4) all the 24 or 30 teams will be divided into four or five pools according to their networth. each pool will have 6 teams. 

 (5) leadership will be given to interested candidates. 

 (6) each franchise can buy only one team from one pool. 

 (7) there will be base prize for every team according to their networth. 

 (8) leaders team will be alloted to them at their base prize. 

 (9) leaders will get (100 cr - their team base prize) to buy other 3 teams. 

 (10) each franchise will play one match against other franchise. all matches of leauge stage to be played on sporting wicket

 (11) all the matches will be played between the teams of same pool and all players total skill index should be less than according to their pool . 

 (12) all matches will be tuesday friendly. 

 (13) tsi limit for pools are as follow:(no tsi increment on weekly basis) (subject to change) 

 platinum: 2.1 m( only 1 25+ star player allowed)
 diamond: 1.8 m( no 25+ player allow) 
 gold: 1.5 m(only 1 24+ player allowed) 
 silver: 1.2 m( no 24+ player allowed) 
 bronze: 600 k( no 21+ player allowed) 

 (14) registration will be done on the basis of first come and first serve after contacting on whatsapp at 7895455864. 

 (15) semifinals and finals will be played to determine winner as following.
for semifinals home teams can set custom pitches. 

 A1(home) vs A4
 A2(home) vs A3

 final and 3rd place playoff to be played on sporting wicket. 

 (16) registration fee for assitant managers: 200 hitcoins or 35 INR. for leaders 300 hitcoins or 55 INR.

 (17) prize will be given as follow: 

 winner: 600 hitcoins(leader), 400 hitcoins (members)
 runner up: 400 hitcoins(leader), 300 hitcoins (members)
3rd place: 300 hitcoins(leader), 200 hitcoins (members) 
individual clan winners: 200 hitcoins 

 win: 4 points
 tie: 2 points 
 win by 80 runs or within 10 overs: 5 points 


(1) if there is tie between two franchise for points, then the franchise with most bonus points will be considered as winner. 

 (2) if bonus points are equal then winner will be decided on the basis of maximum points of highest pool. 

 (3) if scores are equal in playoffs then the franchise which will take most number of wickets will be considered as winner. (4)deadline for sending request is friday, for accepting sunday, sharing match id(leader) monday. 

 (5) teams which will violate any rule will be given one chance to send non-bet to opponent before wednesday otherwise there will be -5 point penalty for franchise. opponent will get 5 points.

franchise leader are as follow: 
 wrong side of the tracks( SRH)
 arun aces ( KKR) 
jass hitman( KXIP) 
anil acers( MI)
tiger kings( DC) 
lions u19( RCB)

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Updated at: 21-06-2020

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Div VI
Utkarsh bhandari (Rockerss XI) Daman and diu # 1
13 days ago
Div V
Andy (Mumbai Ki Shaan) thane # 2
Carl_Johnson - Add me season 5
13 days ago
Muhammad_Taha (Lions U19) Karachi # 3
Carl_Johnson - in for 600k category.
13 days ago
Div IV
Spk (Blitzkreig Performers) Bangalore # 4
Carl_Johnson - I'm in
13 days ago
13 days ago
13 days ago
add me
13 days ago
Carl_Johnson - I am in.
13 days ago
Div IV
svs 53 (Kshatriya Sainya) Bengaluru # 9
Carl_Johnson - im in
12 days ago
Div V
ANIL (Anil Acers) Mumbai, India # 10
Add me 1.2M category
12 days ago
Div IV
Spk (Blitzkreig Performers) Bangalore # 11
Carl_Johnson - add me -in gold category
12 days ago
Div IV
Shashi Preetham 319 (MSP DEVILS) Karimnagar # 12
add me. 1.5m tsi
12 days ago
add me 1.5 tsi
12 days ago
Div IV
svs 53 (Kshatriya Sainya) Bengaluru # 14
add me silver 1.2 m tsi
12 days ago
Div V
Arun (Arun Aces 2) indore # 15
add me in silver
12 days ago
Add me
12 days ago
12 days ago
Div IV
Khan (Khan's KKR) new delhi # 18
add me
11 days ago
11 days ago
add me in bronze
10 days ago

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