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The Quarantine Cup

by akash ghosh (kopai bulet kings) 1 month ago
Tournament start date--9th june 2020 So, there would be 8 teams in total. This is knock out tournament.. Rule list.:........ 1) matches will be based on tuesday friendly matches so no other friendly matches should be played. (If not followed then the teams would be disqualified immediately).. 2) a total of 8 teams (only div 5, div 6, div 7 allowed) will be selected for the tournament.. 3) no loan players and bounty will be set on the tournament matches.. Hurry............ Thank you

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virat (india 1680) Ahmedabad, India # 1
add me
1 month ago
Div VI
Abinash (Odisha Fighters) bhubaneswar # 2
add me plz
1 month ago
add me
1 month ago
add me bro pls
1 month ago
add me bro
1 month ago
1 month ago
virat - bro only div 5,6,7 allowed
1 month ago
bro pls add me
27 days ago
can i join here ? 
25 days ago
akash ghosh - bro add me plz i recently in Div VII 
25 days ago
Div V
akash ghosh - Apun hi jeetega
24 days ago

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