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Howzzat Cricket Cup

by Abhishek Anand (Abhishek Anand Stars) 2 months ago
Total 10 teams can participate in 2 groups in group matches there 4 matches for each team top 3 teams from each group will qualify for knockouts where each team will play total 5 matches. Top 4 teams will qualify for super knouckouts where 1 knouckout match is between 1 and 3 position team and 2nd knouckout match is between 2 and 4 position team. Winner of each knouckout will qualify for final. Where winner of the final match wins this knockout Tournament.

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2 months ago
2 months ago
Abhishek Anand - ADD ME PLEASE

2 months ago
Div V
Abhishek Anand (Abhishek Anand Stars) MAINPURI, Uttar Pradesh # 4
Rajdip Day - I didn't know how to add
2 months ago
Div IV
King (King Kabalis 7991) Hyderabad # 5
add me
2 months ago
Abhishek Anand - Then why start up a tournament?
2 months ago
Div VI
Sir Mike Kucharek (Mike XI) Dublin # 7
Please sign me up Thanks, Mike
2 months ago

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