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Last Season Issues and Next season postponed by 1 week

by Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) 2 months ago
Greetings Managers!

We hope all of you are well and safe!

We apologize for the issues plaguing the game since mid-March.

This is the scenario: a few matches got stuck initially. Due to the pandemic, there were delays in our response. The Hitwicket schedule as you know is jam-packed all week long with multiple interdependencies. Matches to Transfers to Training to League standing, etc.
Due to the response delay, more matches got delayed on the next match day and things spiraled to a level where the interdependencies started breaking across the entire game. We've never faced a scenario like this in years.

This has been challenging to recover from. Although we've gotten most things sorted now, there are still some lingering issues (including some transfers getting stuck) which could escalate rapidly once the season starts.

We need more time. Therefore, we've made the hard decision to postpone the next season by a week - it will start on April 17th. We expect to resolve all pending issues and clean up the mismatched data by then. All other functions of the site should work during this time without a problem.

We are very sorry about this and we know how all of you must be looking forward to the game particularly in these anxious times. We will be sending Hitcoins your way next week to keep you engaged. We will also be rolling back the Age of all players by a year and extending the Musketeer subscription by 2 months.  
Thank you for your support!

Team Hitwicket

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Div VI
silent0 (Flamboyant Fighters) Hyderabad # 181
just some bug or partially hacked ?
4 days ago
Sir Aviers (DeZirInG DevilS XI) Hyderabad # 182
Kashyap - When is it going to get fixed. musketeer pack is going to end, matches not happening, achievements not getting counted,team logo cant be changed. 
FIX THIS GAME. Dont just make false promises of crediting hitcoins, subscription extension and reducing the age of player. Do it and also fix the game.

Dear Managers, Kindly tag all the goddamn Devs
4 days ago
friends, when I am trying to sell a player, it is showing that I need to pay 30% tax. It didn't show this before. Please help me
1 days ago
u r selling the player within 10 days after buying.. it is normal
1 days ago
i am on top of the points table in my league.. still it's showing my rank 4th... why?
an hour ago
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