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Playoffs not happening - Wake up Devs!!

by Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) 14 months ago
devs, you guys are the most mean & hearltess people I've ever come across in my whole life. 2 MONTHS SINCE THE LAST SEASON PLAY-OFF'S SCREW-UP & U HAVEN'T LEART A LESSON!! since league matches kind of happened yesterday, HW is compensating by screwing up Play-Off games!! All your season's worth of aspirations & plans are shattered!! unbelievable!!! really...the play-offs??? and this is not the first time it happened with play-offs either. it happened last season, 2 months hence devs are still slumbering so it is happening now, it will keep happening every season folks. may be this is not a bug, may be this is how the game actually works these days loll. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!

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