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multiple teams

by Abhiram Nambiar (Abhiram's Mahi Shah) 29 days ago   ---> TEAM 1  ----> TEAM 2

These are two multiple teams found plzz ban them

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Div VI
SANTtii (BLUE TIGERS 7955) Kolkata # 1
both are same team
26 days ago
That is my team.  I do not know if it is because I manage the team from both my phone and PC, but I assure you that is one team.
25 days ago
Mad Maximus - why do u have 2 teams u should be banned
24 days ago
That is one team. Go check out the players if you do not believe me.
24 days ago
Div VI
SANTtii (BLUE TIGERS 7955) Kolkata # 5
both url are showing my team. What is happening here?

24 days ago

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