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Bug in prize distribution

by Kalyan_Kumar (ROWDIES with the bat) 20 months ago
Hi devs, I have not been rewarded the season winner rewards. Moreover i have also not got rewards for player of the season, etc.

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Updated at: 27-01-2020

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Hi Devs. I have just completed a play off match against Amit Spiders  which you advised yesterday, arranged for 02/02/2020 ! I had no knowledge of this game until an alert that we lost the match. C'mon guys get the system working properly and fairly.
20 months ago
Mike Kucharek - For me the match was initially scheduled for next sunday then again rescheduled for today
20 months ago
Hi Kalyan  Maybe we aren't the only ones. Game management developers need to buck up their ideas. what is happening is becoming pure nonsense.
20 months ago
Yaa sometimes these delayed responses and delayed implementation happens, but all we can do is to report it and then wait for their revert. I have been playing for so long have developed that much amount of patience :p
20 months ago

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20 months ago: Kalyan_Kumar (ROWDIES with the bat) changed the Title from 'Bug in prize distribution ' to 'Bug in prize distribution'.and changed the Category from 'Hitwicket Discussions'' to 'Bug Reports'.
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