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Hydra premier league

by Tarandeep Singh (Khalsa Wolves) 6 months ago
8 teams will participate in this tournament .knock out rounds with single elimination. Rules. 1.Tuesday friendly based matches only ,no hit coins required.'s 10 star cap tournament, all hit wicket mangers who participated need all plyers 6 star or under 10 star. 3 . All matches will be knockout. Losser will eliminate direct. 4.organiser decide the fixtures. 5.after match plyers must be updated Me because I need to make next fixtures. Fixtures 6.must give me match id of u r friendly match becoz i need to spectact. FIXTURES FOR QUARTER-FINALS (4 FEBRUARY 2020). 1.Nari Penjarla (DANGAROUS TEAM) VS Sir Prateek Jaiswal (Gotham United) 2.Tarandeep Singh(KHALSA WOLVES ) VS Joseph addison (R1hno) 3.Ghost Ryder (Ghost Ryders) VS Sou Vik (Kashmir Kings 4126). 4. VENOM (VENOM STRIKERS) VS Mohan sai kiran (kms xi 29). DEADLINE FOR QUATR-FINALS (4 FEB 2020).

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Mohan sai kiran - bro what u will do .if u will not participate then tell me .ur oppent will get directly to next round
5 months ago
Tarandeep Singh Nari Penjarla Venom Mohan sai kiran Joseph addison Ghost Ryder Sou Vik Prateek Jaiswal - FOR ALL challange u r oppents or u will get disqualified and if u have any queries then tell me .sure i m try to solve it
5 months ago
Tarandeep Singh - sent match id on personal chat please check
5 months ago
5 months ago
Mohan sai kiran Ghost Ryder - with whom u both alredy declared friendly matches. if it with u current this tournament's oppents then ok .sent me u r natch ids and if u r paly with other playrs who will will in this tournament then u will disqualified. tell fast u r ids
5 months ago
not with others means of my words
5 months ago
add me
5 months ago
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