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Cricket World Cup

by Heera Chamkega (Ash Titans) 6 months ago
Managers from any division can apply for this Tournament. 

 The rules are the same as that of any ICC tournament. 

  1. Selections will be done on the basis of first come first serve system. 
  2. 8 teams will participate in the tournament. 
  3. First all the 8 teams will play 14 matches against each other. 
  4. Based on these matches a points table will be devised. 
  5. Now the Top 4 teams will advance to the Semi- Final.
  6.  in Semi-Final Semi-final 1:T-1 vs T-2 Semi-final 2:T-3 vs T-4
  7.  Eliminator: Loser of Semi-final 1 and Winner of Semi-final 2 
  8. Final: Winner of Semi-final 1 and Winner of Eliminator. 
 Entry Fee: 10 Hitcoins and 100,000 HW Cash

  •  Winner: 40 Hitcoins and 400,000 HW Cash
  •  Runner's Up: 25 Hitcoins and 250,000 HW Cash 
  •  3rd Place: 15 Hitcoins and 150,000 
HW Cash Sponsors are most welcome.

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Updated at: 15-01-2020

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