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Match not started

by Himanshu Singh (Teen Titans 1058) 13 months ago
My match has been due since 19th December and it hasn't been played yet. Please help.

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Hi users,

We understand that there have been some issues going on in Hitwicket with training, league matches, auction, friendly matches and alliance matches. Our team is working hard on fixing these issues and things should get sorted in no time. We need your patience and support and we promise you that we will deliver soon.

-Hitwicket Team
10 months ago
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Kevin Natoli - even i bought that Musketeer 2-3 times, but fortunately never 12 months of it!! I feel bad for you bro...& for everyone who ever spent some money on this game. It is like we are paying to get ignored.
10 months ago
Div IV
silent0 (Shyena) New Delhi # 22
Yeah yeah, everybody loves the game. Frustration comes out of that emotion - when something you love very much has been taken away from you for a while. Its okay. We’re all cricket lovers and we’re almost on the same page. Let’s wait and see. But something’s terribly wrong at their end, that’s for sure. Leadership issues / personal issues / testing out some unstable patches / architecture design issues —- we just dont know.
10 months ago
Div IV
silent0 (Shyena) New Delhi # 23
Soulcollector - Do you like to share the bug details technically ? Matches are happening now - no regulation. Race conditions in deployed instance ? Multithreading issues ?
10 months ago
Soulcollector - since league matches kind of happened yesterday, HW is compensating by screwing up Play-Off games!! All your season's worth of aspirations & plans are shattered!! unbelievable!!! really...the play-offs??? amd this is not the first time it happened with play-offs either. it happened last season, 2 months hence devs are still slumbering so it is happening now, it will keep happening every season folks. may be this is not a bug, may be this is how the game actually works these days loll
10 months ago
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