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Musketeer:Lets see what doesn't work in game

by Sir Tyrion_Lannister (The Lord of T and W) 11 months ago
1. Bookmarking: No option anywhere
2. Transfer guru: no notification-Refresh it daily
3. Player Age: HW showing +_ 1 age too often now 
4. Chat Notification: For some team, it shows, For some, it just doesn't
5. PC cards: even bought PC cards are now increasing the inventory count. 
6. Match Line up: if the latest line up is saved in Web, Sometime it will take the old saved line up in-app. 
7. Training: If you use save training in-app, sometimes it will not be given. Literally they want you too open app too often.

The list goes on.. musketeer from 2+ years. doesn't seem worth now 

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