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Hitwicket cup

by Sir Mahesh (DADAWARRIORS INDIA) 2 months ago
Organising the Hitwicket cup season 1 Rules are simple: There will a total of 24 teams in the league, the first 3 stages will be a knock out matches, which would qualify 3 teams(A,B,C) to the next stage. This will be a tri series from here on, each team will play at home and away based on the run rate and the points, finals will be held on specified conditions. Every stage will be thrilling. Will update the things further. Please comment below if interested in participating All the matches would be on Tuesday, will update the things further

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Updated at: 24-10-2019

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Master Hasan Syed Aun Muhammad manager_2034085 Mahesh S Lakshman TejAAddepalli akash ghosh virat Rajiv Arya Dr House SANTtii ANIL Blaze Z karunadina karu dck H ROY Sr Arjun Praneeth Jon - These are the registered till date, waiting for other 5 teams to join. The very fixtures will be announced once 24th team is added. Eagerly waiting for other 5 teams to join
22 days ago
19 days ago
Div VI
Add me please
19 days ago
Only chance for other 3 teams
19 days ago
Mahesh - can i join??
19 days ago
Div VI
Iron Merc (The Alien Knights) Vijayawada # 46
Mahesh - add me i want to play
19 days ago
19 days ago
Folks, Now all 24 slots are full, fixtures will be announced in an hour time and 1st stage knock outs will be on 26th November Tuesday. Any of the both team should challenge a friendly match
19 days ago
Mahesh - thanks bro exciting
19 days ago
guys where is the fixtures
18 days ago
abey Kahan mar Gaya
13 days ago
SANTtii (BLUE TIGERS 7955) Kolkata # 52
teri maa ki ................... kahan mar gaye

10 days ago
Match pitch Bana rahe ho kya... acha Kaate ho sabka
9 days ago
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1 month ago: Sir Mahesh (DADAWARRIORS INDIA) changed the Content of this post.
1 month ago: Sir Mahesh (DADAWARRIORS INDIA) changed the Content of this post.
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