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by Sir Carl_Johnson (Wrong Side of the Tracks) 9 months ago
16 teams... Knockout friendly matches... Winner gets direct semi final entry in the next tournament... Entry on first come first serve basis... Register fast by commenting add me.
new update- last date to register 12 october. fixtures will be announce on 16 october.registration has been closed.
update- fixtures for round 1 matches(29 october) are as follows.
Round 1 fixtures-
(1) zami xi 1928(home) v/s guwahati super kings
(2) d architects xi(home) v/s himanshu blasters
(3) anil acers(home) v/s buk lulu
(4) khan key punchers 1600(home) v/s jan maan
(5) karnatka knigtsmen(home) v/s india 1680
(6) mumbai ki shan(home) v/s p cube
(7) mumbai supernovas(home) v/s himanshu champions
Tournament Rules-
(1) home teams has to send request for Tuesday friendly.
(2) deadline for sending request is Saturday, away team have to accept request before Monday.
(3) home team manager have to share match Id before Tuesday.
(4) teams which will not follow the rules will be disqualified from the tournament and will not be allow to participate in future tournaments.
(5) 7 winning teams from round 1 will directly qualify for quarterfinals, 8th team will be decided among the losing teams on the basis of
best individual batting score of the best player of the team.
(6) teams can also play bet matches between them as warm up matches. this will not affect their result on the tournament.
Rules(to ensure equal contest)-
(1) weak teams have been given home team advantage. they can also set custom pitch according to their strength/opponent
weakness to challenge their opponent.
(2) for any stage of game, strong(away) team can not set their batting agression meter aggressive, ultra-aggressive or automatic.
(whether they bat in 1st or 2nd inning, it does not matter).
(3) strong team can not take powerplay between overs 1 to 5.
(4) if any of these rules will be violeted by any strong team, opponent will be considered as winner.

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share your match id soon here
9 months ago
remainder- today is the last date for challenge your opponent... please share your match Id soon
9 months ago
Div I
Dame Lena (Buk Lulu) Hamburg # 63
3) himanshu champions (h) vs buk lulu match id 56349514

9 months ago
all Home team members share match Id here or you will be disqualified and will not be allow to participate in future tournaments
9 months ago
this is a message from organizer
9 months ago
virat (india 1680) Ahmedabad, India # 66
i didn't get challenge from my opponent so now i accepted another challenge
9 months ago
virat - you did not share your WhatsApp number yet, you wil be disqualified
9 months ago
virat (india 1680) Ahmedabad, India # 68
Carl_Johnson - i don't have WhatsApp so
9 months ago
i want to sell my team anyone want then dm fast
9 months ago
update- fixtures have been announced for round 1. go to tournament page for fixtures and read all the rules. violation of any rule will lead to disqualification from the tournament.
8 months ago
all challenge your opponent and share your match id
8 months ago
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