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season break update - it is here!

by Sir Faith (Faith Junta) 1 month ago
Hello, Managers!

The past couple of weeks have been rough for Hitwicket, the game ran into a storm of issues and caused inconvenience to all of you - we deeply apologize for it all! We have now fixed majority of the issues and the game is back to the way it was before - awesome!

Here's the GOOD NEWS that you all have been waiting for eagerly! I hope this makes up to all the inconvenience caused over the past couple of weeks!

The wait is over. Here's what in store for you -

1. Season Winnings Limit up to 40 million
2. HIGHER Rewards for Tournament Wins

1. Boost to Batting team increased to 15%

1. Boosts for Fitness Levels Changed
2. +7% for Superb .... -35% for Hopeless

1. EA Traits can no longer be removed while the player is up for auction

Please note that the right boosts will be available when you update the app. Happy Playing and Managing!


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Updated at: 14-09-2019

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