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Hydra premier league

by Tarandeep Singh (Khalsa Wolves) 11 months ago
8 teams will participate in this tournament .knock out rounds with single elimination. Rules. 1.Tuesday friendly based matches only ,no hit coins required.'s 10 star cap tournament, all hit wicket mangers who participated need all plyers 6 star or under 10 star. 3 . All matches will be knockout. Losser will eliminate direct. 4.organiser decide the fixtures. 5.after match plyers must be updated Me because I need to make next fixtures. Fixtures - 6 August 2019 Quater -finals 1.khalsa wolves vs Melbourne stars 5521 (arjun) 2.Izhar rhinoes (izhar) vs Ravi risers ix (ravi) 3.Immortal hydra (Tarandeep singh) vs cursed riot (Ahanf dibos12). 4 . Khan keypunchers (sir khan) vs Izharul breakers (izharul Haque) semi finals . 1.khalsa wolves vs cursed riot 2.Hydra 7846 no opponents because he was disqualified FINALS KHALSA WOLVES VS HYDRA7846 (HYDRA7846 WON BY 108 RUNS) CONGRATULATION TO HYDRA7846 TO BECOME FIRST CHAMPIONS OF HYDRA PRIMERE LEAGUE ALL FIXTURES ARE DECIDED . SENT FRIENDLY OR CHLLANGE MATCHES TO U R OPPONENTS ,AND IF THEY WILL ACCEPT MATCH REQUEST THEN TELL ME .HE WILL DISQUALIFIED. MATCH MAY BE FRIENDLY OR CHLLANGE. START THE TOURNAMENT. LAST BUT NOT LEAST don't FORGET TO TELL ME RESULTS OF U R RESPECTIVE MATCH Orgniser - Tarandeep singh (Immortal hyd

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11 months ago
Ryan Alexander - congratulations TO HYDRA 7846 for winning the finals
11 months ago
lol congratulations to yourself for winning 

11 months ago
Arjun - thanks bro
11 months ago
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