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Lost my previous account...Please Help!!!

by Divyam Srivastava (Lions XI 7703) 20 months ago

Hello, I have lost my account! The account had almost 210 Million cash and that's what I care about because I had sold my players but still I would like to get my team back(because I want the name as well), let's skip to the problem...

First of all, the account which I lost 10 days ago---

Team Name: Indian Elites

My Team Link---

I had joined HW in 2015 and had deactivated my account in 2016(so I had some experience of deactivating my account), I rejoined a few months back in 2019 and since the game is almost dead, I decided to sell the players I had bought this year and put a simple deactivation request in the 'Help' section and after a few mins when I refreshed the page, I got a message which read  "Account Deactivated due for cheating", now I would like to note a few things... 

1)Dear HW, first get your English right

2)What the hell did I do? I just requested deactivation of my account because the game has a good feature that you can rejoin after deactivating your account

3) I mentioned that I would like to rejoin again....

4) After the message popped, I had the stupidity to click on the Green "Restart Your Career" button and this account was created...(I thought it was "Resume Your Career" which I usually got on Fb when I had deactivated my account previously )

Please Help!! What should I do to get my previous account back which was also linked to the same fb account that this account is linked with...


I have already mailed support using the Help section and have got no response for 3 mails till date in 10 days...

I would appreciate any response from the Devs…

Please re-activate my account...

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Updated at: 26-07-2019

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Have contacted support 5 times now, still no response...
19 months ago

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