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HW Devs have lost their minds

by xbhsjehjsjd (ABSBHSHD) 16 months ago
I won't name the responsible people behind bad decisions so far. It is absolutely disappointing to see such a bad state of the game. And now when they were doing great by not doing anything, they have removed star level capping for alliance world cup. What are you smoking? Which weed? Why has management became a puppet of STRONG TEAMS ? Why are strong teams allowed to take unfair advantage of multi teams and complaints are not taken seriously? And then they wonder why dont weak teams buy Musketeer packs. My emotions are coming out today because I once loved this game very much and today I dont even care.

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Div V
Immizzz (The Illusionist) Mumbai # 1
Everyone except Deadly 5 members are opposing the format. I know that Devs won't change the format but they'll realise it later that it was unfair on their part for making the tournament biased.
16 months ago

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