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fight for capping!!!

by Dr House (Guru Naveen Kumar) 9 months ago
Its really good to hear that HW admins have announced alliance world cup.. im sure those who have played it before would love to play it again n new teams of course r excited to b a part of it for the first time. while AWC is festive for all the HW enthusiasts, it is sad that admins removed CAPPING this time. any sane person would agree that without capping no alliance can even think of winning except deadly 5 or other couple of teams. capping removes the strength bias and makes this series more of strategy oriented. i demand CAPPING on behalf of all the weak alliances so that we can remain in the contest or else give us an option of "Opting out" so that we can choose not to play this series.. I hope admins listen to their loyal managers.. Happy Hitwicketing!!! like if u agree..

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9 months ago
Div V
Immizzz (The Illusionist) Mumbai # 2
Yes, better give us an option of "Opting Out" of the tournament. HW Devs are always rigid and thats why they are unable to retain old users. Game should be unbiased and fair for all. 
9 months ago

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