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alliance match won but not declared as winner

by Dame Dangerous (SuperKingsXI) 11 months ago
alliance match won but not declared as winner. the match is not yet completed and next match is not yet scheduled. kindly fix the bug and and schedule the next match

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Looks like a general problem. Both my own Alliance & U21 games are the same, and according to my Alliance page 5 of the 6  games played by the Alliance today are still 'in progress', despite having finished 7 hours ago.
11 months ago
Even my alliance is also facing the same issue
11 months ago
Div IV
Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) Hyderabad # 3
guys am facing the same problem too. but you are not supposed to post in the forum or expect your post to be responded to. because alliance is not a feature that makes developers any money, they probably won't respond to your bug at all. go through all the previous bug reports and you will understand the extent of their negligence towards things that won't make them any money.
11 months ago
Div IV
Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) Hyderabad # 4
you would expect at least a few dozens of people to come and post about this alliance bug. but look at us now, there is only three of us here. the rest are either wondering or don't care about alliances. Nor Devs, neither enough users care about anything these days. it usually takes a lot of comments for your post to catch the attention of the developers. and your post wont get many comments or it won't stay highlighted for long because no one cares. the fact that we are Sirs and Dames here, here only shows that we are foolish enough to actually pay to get ignored. HW is a Sick place these days...
11 months ago
Glad to say everything appears to be fixed for me now. Hope it is for you.
11 months ago

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