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akurana premier league 2019

by Mohammed Munshif (Lancashire Cricket Club) 15 months ago
All matches will be competitive Matches will be played on Tuesday as friendly *if both team accept they can play challenge match Some of the lower[weaker] teams will be allowed to use loan player when playing against stronger team FIXTURES WILL RELEASE TOMORROW @ 9.00 P. M GAME RULES 1. In round 1, Out of 14 teams 8 teams will be selected for round 2 in which, 7 teams that win will be selected Out of 7 team that lost 1 team will be selected by considering the NRR 2. There is second chance for those team who have lost. They can play A REVENGE MATCH and if they win, the NRR will be considered and who ever had high NRR will be the winner 3.Almost all the matches will be knockout FIXTURES FOR THE TOURNAMENT[7 may 2019] 1.Mittuhotshots *+  VS Vincent Army # 2.Mario Brother's *+ VS Lancashire # 3.Lindeque blazers VS Gourav super kings * 4.Dhaka Beast VS Islamiyyans * 5.India vs Pakistan VS Undisputed XI* 6 Dk Lion's VS Lion's XI* 7.Verma vs Shinning star Please note that when a team is using a loan player he must give the player ID of that loaned player to the opponent *home ground +can use loan player #cannot use loan player

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Satish59 - Send the match id
14 months ago
Satish59 (Vincent Army) Visakhapatnam # 62
Mohammed Munshif - 53529077
14 months ago
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