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Hitwicket is Dead...

by Divyam Srivastava 16 months ago

Yeah you heard that right!

The game is as good as dead right now...

[And this post is going to be long...]

I started playing Hitwicket in May 2015 but I left in Feb 2016 and I said I'll be back in 3 years(and here I am) but unfortunately for the game, almost all players have left.

The game was already falling apart in 2015-16 and it has finally fallen apart now, the game got boring and people started leaving but that's not the only reason, to add to that the HW Devs have made some Horrible updates and changes---->

  • The Training update: Now the HW Devs want to you to be present not on your league match day but a day after that so you can give the training for a single match! I don't know how bad that is when earlier you could just set the week's training and relax, I do get that this helps making all-rounders and giving training to both batsmen and bowlers but the thing is that having a set of 6 was much easier and fun...
  • The 50% bid: Now the minimum selling bid you can put to sell a player needs to be at least 50% of his RSP. That makes selling useless or low level players for 10,000 or something impossible as their RSP is usually above 200,000, guys nobody will waste money on a low level player like that. And that forces you to fire that player, removes the chance to extra cash and I think this makes it almost impossible for a newbie to get going in this game...
  • The biggest reason for leaving is probably making it a "pay to win", its bad for any freemium game... 

The game has been dragging on for years as I see now...

My 'farewell post'--

In the post, I mention two champions(Season 17 to 19 I suppose) Neo The Nemesis and The Special One(who I now see changed his team name to Varun Nanode 2)

Both are inactive now, Neo The Nemesis was removed due to cheating( a shocker indeed)

I also mentioned Old Cannon who came 2nd losing to one of my Clash of Clans friend(there is a clan named Hitwicketians)  KINNG XI

When I joined many managers had started to leave already(as was evident in the Hitwicketians clan as all of them were usually Div III or IV managers)

I rejoined a few days back , and saw the familiar names of Soulcollector and Sir Kashyap but now I see that they are just active as Devs but not as players, they also "stopped playing" the game back in Season 17-18 as is evident from their current divisions and winning history...

The current champ(Knoxfield Knockouts) joined around the time I left the game, and I don't really think the game has made progress since 2016(except for some unnecessary and bad changes)

There are few(less than a dozen I would say) that were in the first 3-4 divisions at that time and are still competing...

I don't know if they will close the game or not but I don't think the game has any future, the game is just endless....

The best thing to do right now would be to reverse the useless updates into at least 'useful' so that any 'average' guy would like to play this 'fantastic' game!

Matches for today(5th May '19) were not played...

It seems the game is finally closing.

Goodbye Guys


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Very well Said.
Not much efforts made to improve game since last year by Devs.
Lot of cash cruch since last year, not good flow of Cash in/out.
Not enough Quality players in Auction to buy except Season Break Period.
Also Difficult to sell good Players as Managers not having enough Cash to buy.

16 months ago
16 months ago

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