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Hitwicket T20 League

by Coolest Bad Boi (FAMBRUH ARMY) 16 months ago
 Welcome to HitWicket T20 League Season 1...

All Managers get ready to for this Thrilling and Exciting ride....

This  league will consist of 2 groups...
Every group consists of 4 Teams.
Every team will play 3 matches..
Top 2 players from both the groups will qualify for the Semi-Finals

Let's get this Season started...!!!
                                  Group A                                                                          Group B
                           Hydra 4729                                                                  Telugu Strikers
                           Manish IceBreakers                                                   CHENNAI'S SUPER KINGS
                           Fambruh Army                                                            england 4536
                           Young Tigers 8558                                                     Mukesh XI 6302

 The fixtures are going to be friendly challenge matches played  every week..
the player should challenge the opposition for the friendly match...
i will calculate n.r.r and each match win 2 points..

Fixtures :

Group A

 5th March 2019

Hydra 4729                        VS                Manish IceBreakers
Fambruh Army                 VS                Young Tigers 8558
Group B

Telugu Strikers                VS                  CHENNAI'S SUPER KINGS
england 4536                  VS                  Mukesh XI 6302

12th March 2019

Group A

Fambruh Army               VS                  Hydra 4729
Young Tigers 8558        VS                  Manish IceBreakers

Group B 

england 4536                 VS                  CHENNAI'S SUPER KINGS
Telugu Strikers               VS                  Mukesh XI 6302

19th March 2019

Group A

Hydra 4729                      VS                   Young Tigers 8558
Fambruh Army               VS                    Manish IceBreakers

Group B

Telugu Strikers               VS                      england 4536
Mukesh XI 6302             VS                      CHENNAI'S SUPER KINGS

Points Table Coming Soon.....

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