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Ban Pakistan

by RoHit ThAkur (Summershire) 9 months ago
As we are aware of the CRPF miss happening from the hands of Pakistani terrorists group. Games like dream league 11 and sony have decided to show their anger and removed PSL from airing. Even the government of India have removed the status of most favored nation. I have been with this game since season 9. As this game is also an Indian game. I have the authority to ask you not just as a veteran member of Hitwicket but as an Indian to ask you that what are the steps that you are going to take towards the Pakistan Region, Players and managers?

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Bro sorry to say they jst need money they cant reply too
9 months ago
Div IV
RoHit ThAkur (Summershire) Shimla # 2
I know and that is disappointing
9 months ago

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