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Useful guide for new mangers

by ItsBishalRana (Ranaz Warriors) 20 months ago
Hello. My name is Bishal Rana and I would like to call myself an intermediate manager. Today I want to share my experiences when I was  a newbie manager. I hope this will help those who are new to this game and who wants to know how to clear the first and most thrilling stage of this game.

So, Yeah like i said earlier being a newbie in this game is quite challenging at first. When you first start you want to try everything at first. Like, bidding on player, renaming your players, joining a tournaments, recruiting new talents as soon as possible and all of that but what i want to you say is that don't be that much of impatient. I want to say that, I too was tempted to do such things but once I got familiar to the game I started to be more patient and I did everything tactfully. You have to realize that when the times comes you will be able to do that. But first start to improve the players you have.

These players are the foundation of who you are as a manger. These players will determine your faith in matches you play and how much you will enjoy the game. You can improve your players through completing quest (When you complete quest, you will receive a common kit where you will get a card which will let you improve either batting, bowling, fielding or keeping techniques). Next is improving the fitness of you players. You want to keep the fitness of your player to at least decent because a fit player performs well in the match. Next is having a well balanced team. It means having a team which is good at both batting and bowling. You don't want to have either a batting heavy side or bowling heavy side because it might get you win at begging but once you play more and more matches you will face players who are better than you and trust me they will defeat you crushingly.

So,yeah at first improve your players and once you think that your players at at a decent looking state, you can do other interesting stuffs at this game. Pssh, side note, always check the forum of hit wicket because you will find interesting stuffs here which are very helpful. 

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