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bro i want to play world cup
42 months ago

Hitwicket World Cup 2019: Knockout Stage

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 42 months ago
Hitwicket World Cup 2019

Knockouts format
  • Total of 16 regions will be participating in the World Cup 2019 knockouts
  • Each team will face the opponent twice in every round, once on Home Pitch and once on Away Pitch
  • The winner will be decided on the basis of number of wins from the two matches in each round
  • In case of a tie, the NRR of both the matches played in the same round will be considered
  • Seedings will be based on the performance in group stage






West Indies




South Africa


New Zealand








Tamil Nadu






Uttar Pradesh









  • Round of 16, Match 1: 3rd March, 9 PM IST
  • Round of 16, Match 2: 5th March, 9 PM IST
  • Round of 8, Match 1: 7th March, 9 PM IST
  • Round of 8, Match 2: 10th March, 9 PM IST
  • Semifinals, Match 1: 12th March, 9 PM IST
  • Semifinals, Match 2: 14th March, 9 PM IST
  • Finals, Match 1: 17th March, 2 PM IST
  • Finals, Match 2: 17th March, 7 PM IST

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Soulcollector Taimoor K - Clearify please..
42 months ago
How to participate in world cup and how to get your region in world cup??

42 months ago
Jaison (champ 11's) Kottayam # 4
Soulcollector -
- still we didn't get 3 million per selected world cup player as your post on Facebook
- salary of selected world cup players deducted for last three weeks, this is against as per game manual
42 months ago
bro i want to play world cup
42 months ago
latest (lahore qualandar 1) Chittagong Viking # 6
hello bro
42 months ago
590 views for World Cup, this game is dying faster than i think!!
42 months ago
Div V
Manoj Thakur (Thakur World Xi) Kulu manali # 8
Am play this tournament
41 months ago
add me
41 months ago
41 months ago
Soulcollector - remember me if not nothing happens but plz add me

41 months ago
nothing is being done properly again, why worry when certain things line game ending are inevitable
41 months ago
whats the matter with you Dark Hunter, do u want a match?
41 months ago
41 months ago
Divyam Srivastava Allahabad # 16
Ricardo Mitchell -

Do you think the game is going to end soon?

The game has been dragging on for years as I see now...

Btw, we both started our teams around the same time(I just checked)

I left in Feb 2016 and said that I'll be back in 3 years(and here I am)

I also made a post about it---

In the post, I mention two champions(Season 17 to 19 I suppose) Neo The Nemesis and The Special One(who I now see changed his team name to Varun Nanode 2)

Both are inactive now, Neo The Nemesis was removed due to cheating( a shocker indeed)

I also mentioned Old Cannon who came 2nd losing to one of my Clash of Clans friend(there is a clan named Hitwicketians) KINNG XI

When I joined many managers had started to leave already(as was evident in the Hitwicketians clan as all of them were usually Div III or IV managers)

I rejoined 2 days back , and saw the familiar names of Soulcollector and Sir Kashyap but now I see that they are just active as Devs but not as players, they also "stopped playing" the game back in Season 17-18 as is evident from their current divisions and winning history...

The current champ(Knoxfield Knockouts) joined around the time I left the game, and I don't really think the game has made progress since 2016(except for changing the training system a little and the unnecessary hitcoin update)

There are few(less than a dozen I would say) that were in the first 3-4 divisions and are still competing...

And as for the view count(850) in almost a month, the game is as good as dead but then the auctions are still quite active(not as active they were in 2015-16)

I don't know if they will close the game or not but I don't think the game has any future, the game is just endless....

P.S. I had rejoined the game actually around the time the training update came but left again(on the same day) because the training update was absolutely unnecessary and awful

And the training system as it happens is still the same and I completely hate it....

At least the Devs could reverse this awful update as it is absolutely unnecessary...

41 months ago
Kabeer # 17
Bro i wanna play
41 months ago
Div VI
Mittapalli Rahul (mittuhotshots) Visakhapatnam # 18
i am interested add me

41 months ago

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