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why admins wont respond to bugs?

by Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) 20 months ago
seriously....why? i posted a couple of bugs in Bug Reports section & it has been days. I havent scouted in a week despite getting jerseys. they are not showing in the scout page. I feel ashamed that I am actually paying for extra features in this game which doesn't even bother correcting a basic bug for weeks!!

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Sunny_returns - avg response time is 1.5 yr
20 months ago
Div IV
Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) Hyderabad # 2
Tyrion_Lannister - how do you know that? You drink and you know things?
20 months ago
Sunny_returns - check my forum posts
20 months ago
Div IV
Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) Hyderabad # 4
how come your stadium is named Castle Black & not Casterly Rock?
20 months ago
Div IV
Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) Hyderabad # 5
received a rare jersey today and it doesnt show up in the scout page. i think this is like the 4th or 5th jersey i missed. admins are genius enough to close my other thread about a bug before resolving (reading) it. lets see if they do the same eth this thread. i even raised a ticket in the "contact us" section. Such a farce that feature is....No response for weeks!!
20 months ago
Lord Chaudhary (Dot Ota) .Ota # 6
Sunny_returns - Patience, i am also waiting from years.
20 months ago
Div IV
Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) Hyderabad # 7
so...still no response. looks like am never gonna scout ever
20 months ago

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