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Everything Wrong with Hitwicket & Bug Reports...!!

by Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) 13 months ago
I posted a Bug report regarding scouting feature days ago. I received multiple Epic & Rare jerseys over last few days, but none were visible in tje Scout Page. Am sure I lost at least 10 Million I could have made from their sale. But none of the admins showed up even after 4 days after posting the bug. I wonder if they are too busy building some money-making application and features that we dont need. Inactive Alliances, Stale Scout system where you dont even get to see the skill levels of player b4 u sign him, Super-inflated star ratings, ignored bugs & feature request sections.....this game seems like an ugly Girl who constantly changes her makeup to stop users from leaving by updating themes, unwanted things like tournaments & ludicrous initiatives like "Hitwicket Arenas".....when the core of the game is being neglected becuz it isn't making them any money. I remember starting HW for first time in its founding year. When alliances weren't there, scouting was a lottery, liking forum posts got you MRP & 4th division was mostly bots. But if I find myself playing HW 5 years from now, then that would be to see what kind of farce it had become.

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They only help manages they know and not all of them bro...worst part of HW is this Bug reports section..which no one even cares to check from support team...
13 months ago
Div IV
Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) Hyderabad # 2
Karthik - Totally agree bro, they might as well name it 'Bug Wicket'. I played quite a few online games and nowhere have I encountered negligence towards bugs section as I have in this game. I think we should be ashamed more, as users who are actually paying to get ignored!! What a waste...!!
13 months ago

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