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Hitwicket World Cup 2019 Nominations, Voting and Schedule

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 21 months ago
The stage has been set, the wait is finally over. Welcome Hitwicket World Cup 2019, the grandest event of Hitwicket!
The World Cup 2019 is all set to mark its beginning from 25/01/2019 with the nomination process.

In the past World Cups, we have seen many one sided matches during the group and knockout stages. In order to make the World Cup more competitive, there will be a star boost to all players participating in the World Cup. Only the Primary skill of a player will be boosted.
Note: Experience of the player is not taken into account while boosting stars.

Nominations is a process where the eligible managers who are interested in participating nominate themself as a candidate to lead a region/nation in World Cup.  Nominations will be a three day event played at specific time during the day with equal playing conditions.
The date and time for the three days are-
25/01/2019 from 8.30PM to 10PM IST
26/01/2019 from 4.30PM to 6PM IST
27/01/2019 from 12.30PM to 2PM IST
The World Cup Nominations event will be using Hitwicket world’s best players for playing! ;)
Since all the managers cannot lead the same team of a region, the candidates are filtered through the following process to select the Head Coach (HC). Head Coach of a region has several responsibilities:

Forming the region/nation's team for World Cup
  • Managing the strategies for the team
  • Selecting the Assistant Coach (AC) and Public Relations Officer (PRO)
  • A manager can take part in the nominations event by following the steps below
  • Download the Hitwicket Arenas app
  • Tap on the nominations event(active during 25th, 26th and 27th Jan)
  • 42 regions will participate (30 Indian regions + 12 nations)
  • Select the region you want to contest from
  • A manager can contest only from one region
  • Start contesting against other managers in the event
  • Every manager who is contesting in the nomination event has a total match limit of 45 matches each
  • Top 5 managers from each region with highest win rate will be nominated for voting process
  • Eligibility criteria to apply for nominations is MRP level 12
  • Top 25 Hitwicket players are chosen for the nominations event
Time slots(Indian Standard Time):
  • 25/1/2019 Friday: 8:30-10 PM
  • 26/1/2019 Saturday: 4:30-6 PM
  • 27/1/2019 Sunday: 12:30-2 PM
After the nominations, voting will take place to choose a candidate from the region to lead.
Voting will take place to select the Head Coach from each region who will lead the nation’s team
Voting is a process where all the managers cast their vote to select their region's Head Coach. There are 5 candidates from each region which are chosen from the Qualifiers. The voting process also take place in Hitwicket Arenas platform.
Every user who has voted and played a free match on the arenas will earn 100 hitcoins on their Hitwicket account.
Any manager who wants to vote need to be manager level 6 or above in their Hitwicket account.

Download the Hitwicket Arenas app and start strategizing: />
The steps to play Arenas for iOS users are mentioned below.
1. Download and install Bluestacks on any PC/laptop
2. Open browser in Bluestacks and navigate to face="helvetica" size="2">3. Download the app and install it in Bluestacks
4. Login and play

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Div V
Boomboom12345 (SCC XI) Bangalore # 1
Soulcollector - Finally its out. Nice to see
21 months ago
Varun (VARUN XI 4781) Lucknow up # 39
I want to participate in the world cup
21 months ago
This is unfair as you have taken away the right to get yourself nominated. You all are just promoting your another app...  last time the world cup was like fest to hitwicket playing managers and now its no more. Just because of this max managers have stopped playing this game. so please make sure to bring back the old system where every eligible person can nominate themselves from the region they want to...  
21 months ago

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