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Hitwicket World Cup 2018-19

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 1 month ago

Hitwicket World Cup is back and its your chance to create History! 42 regions, infinite possibilities but only 1 glorious champion. Is the history going to repeat itself or will we see a new emerging champion? B-)

We bring to you Hitwicket World Cup 2018-2019, the grandest cup of Hitwicket World with 42 regions (30 Indian regions and 12 nations) competing against each other. Each Region will elect a user to be the Head Coach and lead their Team in the World Cup.

One of the takeaways from the previous Cups has been the need to reward skilled managers for the elections. We will follow a new nomination format. Users will have to nominate themselves by participating in World Cup Nominations Qualifiers on the new Hitwicket Arenas app. Only the top 5 managers from each region in the qualifiers will be eligible for the final voting process.

Hitwicket Arenas provide you an equal playing ground, where only the manager's skills and strategies matter. In the past, we have seen some worthy candidates missing out as they couldn't showcase their strategic skills before the elections. So pull up your socks, bring your strategy book and start preparing today!

The most voted candidates from each region will proceed to become Head Coach of their region and lead their region in the World Cup.

Visit to download the Hitwicket Arenas platform and start practicing today!


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Updated at: 06-12-2018

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Div IV
TheBossIsBack (Kings11UP) Kanpur # 21
Soulcollector - Didn't received any musky for winning in the arena check link -
23 days ago
add me
16 days ago
14 days ago
add me
14 days ago
Div VI
Sudip_The_Boss (The Boss 5384) Bangalore # 25
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12 days ago
add me plzz
10 days ago
Soulcollector - Sir when the WC  elections may start ? :P
9 days ago
SC - Looks like after this season
9 days ago
Anirudh Bhat - Sir will you contest in HC ELECTION ? 
9 days ago
Add Me Sir
9 days ago
Div VI
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 31
it is proving a laughing stock only
9 days ago
5 days ago
join tournament hpl 9 (auction) registration now
3 days ago
Thanzy (MFC Xl) # 34
add pls
1 days ago
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