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Right they need to do something
15 months ago

Blatant cheating by the team

by Sir Harish Gopal (Marauding Brawnies) 15 months ago
Hello, Request quick action against the aforementioned team. It seems he's colluding with a team from premiere (Manapouri Marauders) and getting inflated bids from him in the last couple of days. Using these bids (around 700-800 mn), he's on a buying spree just before playoffs. Request to have a look and do the needful immediately

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When you look at the bidding, it is very clear that Harish is correct. Lots of bids from Manapouri Marauders on his players and he has bought a significant number of Manapouri Marauders players in a short amount of time.
15 months ago
Oakland Senors Harish Gopal - Hope the devs do something about it quickly
15 months ago
Right they need to do something
15 months ago
Blatant cheating. Instant bids over 500 mill - all ending Monday - so 500m can be spent on new players to double up on team strength. But also Manapouri Marauders sells all the players Champs needs to buy. This us not just "helping" - it is sacrifice. Here is my money - now here have my best players!! Sadly - by the time hitwicket does anything - the damage will be done! If u r not ready for Premier league without cheating - then u will not survive here!
15 months ago

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