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Season 35: Upcoming Balance Update

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 37 months ago
Over time there has been a significant increase in the player's core skills, this has led to increase in the average salaries  for players which has lead to cash crunch for many managers. This has had a negative impact on the prices of players in the auction as well. To address this, the salaries of all players in Hitwicket will be made 30% less.

Although All-rounders were encouraged in the game, we realize that all-rounders of a high skill have become easier to create. It will soon become harder to increase a player's secondary skills using Personal coach.

Note: These changes will come into effect from next season onwards.

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What about people who actually managed their finances better in anticipation of a high salary outlay? Typical half baked ideas and half assed solutions from hitwicket. Good news for me, end of the journey by this season. Adios
37 months ago
Div V
Boomboom12345 (SCC XI) Bangalore # 22
Ricardo Mitchell - Because of small bump in secondary skill, salary of a player will increase. Its not about how much skills player has. And more over you can improve the skills of player using training on any skill without any issue. Using cards secondary skill cannot be improved much.
37 months ago
Artatran (The golden GABBARs) Barmer, Rajasthan # 24
As a cricket lover I'm playing it from last 2 year but never felt user friendly and comfortable with it. Request Hitwicket team to look at the similar football manager game 'Top Eleven'. It's having some amazing features in playing games, auction process, improving player skills, prizes, getting coins & cash etc. along with a awsome graphics.
37 months ago
when u win game and get achievements u get cheap coins . we are forced to buy coins to play matchs and train players.
37 months ago
PhantomLancers - Lately, on HW, your team's ability depends on how much Hitcoins you can spend. More Hitcoins you can buy and spend, better your team will be... It's becoming a game for those who can spend money...and it's visible with teams losing interest in the game. It's high time Hitwicket brings back the charm it used to have..
37 months ago
Soulcollector Boomboom12345 - As long as you don't remove the options to buy personal coach kits from (market place/playstore) nothing is going to save the game ..

I could sound regressive, but the beauty of such games lies only in patience of the managers !!! 

Not just you spend money and build a team over night.  Amen

wake me up when there is an useful update @srinidhi
37 months ago
Sir SillyPoint (Long Hop XI) Oldbury, Sandwell, United Kingdom # 33
Why are all the updates just to make it more annoying? There are lots of people leaving this game and none of these updates are going to change that! You need to: - stop making the main aim of the game to make managers spend money -make the app more user friendly and clear out the constant bugs - get rid of the 30 year age restriction -do more with alliances -allow teams to switch leagues There are lots of positive changes you could make but never do. This latest hampering if all-rounders is ridiculous and just another reason for people to leave!!
37 months ago
Most important thing must be to improve experience. Watching Neil's 55 star player has demotivated me to try to push for higher leagues. People spend money for better experience, thats a nice thing. But if people spend money to just make it impossible for other team to win, thats disasterous
37 months ago
Soulcollector - Where is the updated discounted salary? It's 02.12.2018 and I still don't see this update being implemented.
37 months ago
where is the 30% salary reduction promised from dec 2nd onwards??
36 months ago
devs must be busy in elections
36 months ago
it will come into effect in the next week
36 months ago

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