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Season 35: Upcoming Balance Update

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 6 months ago
Over time there has been a significant increase in the player's core skills, this has led to increase in the average salaries  for players which has lead to cash crunch for many managers. This has had a negative impact on the prices of players in the auction as well. To address this, the salaries of all players in Hitwicket will be made 30% less.

Although All-rounders were encouraged in the game, we realize that all-rounders of a high skill have become easier to create. It will soon become harder to increase a player's secondary skills using Personal coach.

Note: These changes will come into effect from next season onwards.

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Aman Jain Hingerh - Are there tourney's happening now?? I thought its dead after last WC fiasco n PC's
6 months ago
how to entire your player in hall of fame?
6 months ago
Soulcollector - Where is the updated discounted salary? It's 02.12.2018 and I still don't see this update being implemented.
6 months ago
how more hitcoin sir
6 months ago
Div V
Kunal Rockstar (Rockstars XX7) New York, New York # 45
join my alliance
6 months ago
still no update.
6 months ago
Sir Mr Thomas (Cochin Eagles) Trivandrum # 47
where is the 30% salary reduction promised from dec 2nd onwards??
6 months ago
No 30 percentage salary reduction as promised
6 months ago
devs must be busy in elections
6 months ago
Div IV
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 50
50% salary off in seasonal break
6 months ago
Mohtshim - on one week still less
6 months ago
where is the salary deduction ??????
5 months ago
Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 53
it will come into effect in the next week
5 months ago
Looks like the salary modification is in effect. Thanks!!!

5 months ago
Reetam Mitra - Trouble is - it says above all players 30%.  In fact it varies by player, generally ranging from about 10% to 40%.  Some of my players actually went up.
5 months ago
Neilhowlett - Didn't see that. Tbh it should vary player level wise. But devs should come clear about the implementation .
5 months ago
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