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financial control feature

by ashesx (Street Cred Sexers) 20 months ago
I just got a notification informing me that because my account is less than -3million, I need to sell one of my players or there will be an automatic sale of my highest skilled player on saturday.
I have already planned to sell a player which will happen in the next few days. However, if for some reason I cannot do it before saturday,  and my highest skilled player is sold, then I'll be saying goodbye to Hitwicket and Hitwicket can say goodbye to me. A lot of my  time ( and money) has been spent building this team, so a sale of any player that I don't agree with, will be the last straw.
I suggest the game admins look at improving the the personal coaching cards feature. Time after time ( after a match win or when I buy) the coaching cards given are useless to me. I only have one seam bowler but frequently I'm given seam bowling cards. The same goes for 'batting seam' cards; I want my players to improve their spin batting, not seam.
Ultimately what happens is the manager loses some control of how the team develops. I suggest managers be given a choice of what coaching cards they receive. 

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