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Hitwicket Meetup! Interaction with devs, insight on current and upcoming features, E-Sport Type Tournament

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 35 months ago
Hey Guys!

Hitwicket is organising a Meetup this coming Sunday and you all are invited to be a part of it!
It's been a while since we got to connect with you guys and we would love to have you onboard with us in taking this game to the next level.

So what do we have for you?
1. Exclusive insights of the new and upcoming features
2. Interactive session with the devs about the current game features
3. Live Esport type Tournament B-)
4. Goodies and prizes to be won!
5. Food is on the house ;)

When and Where?
4th November, 12-4 PM
Hitwicket HQ, Hyderabad

How can I register?
Ping us on whatsapp by clicking on the link given below and we will add you to the whatsapp group:

Or you can always reach us on email:

We hope to see you all soon at our HQ!

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