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F5 Game against bot team is broken

by Angeltoast (World Peace XI) 37 months ago
I arranged an F5 game, and the game engine produced an opponent called HW1538595878794931 which is a bot team with no players. I can't play the match, and I can't get rid of it. I can't play any F5 games until it is cleared.
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Can somebody please deal with this bug? It is preventing me from playing any F5 matches
36 months ago
One week later - still no response. This really is the worst cricket game on the planet.
36 months ago
Can you try using the Hitwicket game on playstore or app store? web version for new users doesn't support the new F5 format
36 months ago
Thanks for that tip. It is working well on phone app, and I am enjoying plaing F5 games on my phone.. But that bot team is still stuck without any players. Thank you for helping.
36 months ago

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