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Yes I did on my email. But both is on that email. So I'm screwed
26 months ago

To whom do I address this problem

by Albertus Roodt (Brits Renegades) 26 months ago
I started in 2016. Brits Renegades. Did well etc. Spend a lot of money. Linked the team to my Facebook and email etc. Played for a year and 6 months. Then my phone got stolen etc. So on the new phone I didn't download Hitwicket for another 6 to 8 months. Then I got a better phone and this year the phone was good enough to download Hitwicket. So I did. I couldn't go into my Brits Renegades team that was linked to my Facebook and email. They said it was inactive for a while so I couldn't get my old team back. I was very upset, but OK. So i started a new one Brits Renegades 1897. I couldn't link it to Facebook or Google account, because they said it was already linked to an account. So I played it for nearly 7 months again. Spend a lot of money again. The team was improving etc. Then I had to update Hitwicket. So I did. AL of a sudden I got the old team back. All the players are old etc because I didn't play it for 2 years. NOW MY NEW TEAM BRITS RENEGADES 1897 IS LOST. I don't care about my flippen old team I want my new team back, but I can't. I send numerous messages to Hitwicket support but no awnser still. I will still play on both accounts but I WANT BRITS RENEGADES 1897 BACK. how difficult is it to solve the problem Come on support team. WtF. Just read my emails and respond. HELP ME.

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did you register the new one
26 months ago
Yes I did on my email. But both is on that email. So I'm screwed
26 months ago

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