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Training given__ No change in TSI

by Tyrion_Lannister (The Lord of T and W) 37 months ago
Given on 13-10-2018

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same issue with my team i also posted in bug reports resolve my training bug also
37 months ago
shit fucked up training and admin
37 months ago
Div V
Boomboom12345 (SCC XI) Bangalore # 3
Tyrion_Lannister - Can you share the match ID for which this issue happened?
36 months ago
Boomboom12345 -

already mentioned in post... 
This is useless developer never respond to such bug..

it has happened before.. sandeep promised to correct in my messages..but he didnt

36 months ago
Boomboom12345 - match link
36 months ago
Div V
Boomboom12345 (SCC XI) Bangalore # 6
Tyrion_Lannister - I had shared links with dev, but resolution I cannot guarentee. You did good thing by sharing link in another forum
36 months ago
3 month no response..
34 months ago

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